How to pack wine glasses in storage boxes?

If you are one of the privileged people moving this month, you are most likely knee-deep in boxes and packing paper. You are attempting to devise a packing strategy to ensure all your belongings will arrive at your new place unscathed. In that case, allow us to assist you with one of the most challenging items to pack: wine glasses. As a result of their peculiar form, they are sometimes packed improperly, which results in the fragile glass and lengthy stems being shattered during the process of moving.

Following their move, we have noticed far too many first-time homeowners drinking out of disposable cups. Get rid of those red plastic cups used in fraternity houses enough! Let’s start by giving that brand-new house some sophistication, shall we? If you need assistance packing wine glasses in storage boxed, Best Price Moving is here to help you at any time. In this article, We will explain how to pack wine glasses in storage boxes.

First, you need to measure the size of the wine glasses you want to pack.

Measure Your Wine Glasses

To choose the correct size of the box, you will need to consider the height of your largest glass. You will want to ensure that the boxes you choose have sufficient space to hold all your glassware. If you try to cram crystal glassware into a box that is too tiny for it, the crystal glassware will break. Please don’t do it!

The Necessary Materials for the Packing of Wine Glasses

Before starting to pack, the first thing to be done is to prepare the supplies. You can get the following items at a store specializing in crafts, school supplies, or even hardware. You can also find them on the internet in online stores.


It is highly recommended that you store your wine glasses in a banker’s box. You won’t need to purchase separate cushion foams or separators because these boxes already have that functionality built in.

A banker’s box is not like other boxes since its lid is made of a single piece of cardboard rather than four flaps. As the cover is a perfect match for the box, there is no need to tape it. The fact that this box can be repurposed after its contents have been removed is undoubtedly the best feature of the item.

Glass Dividers

If you cannot obtain banker’s boxes, you may use any other sufficiently robust box instead. However, you must acquire glass dividers to lock your glasses properly. These dividers are designed to fit inside boxes of any standard size.

Bubble wrap or Foam cushions

If you’re utilizing a standard box, you will need to invest in a foam cushion as well. It will assist in preventing damage to your glasses, including breakage and scratches. There is also the option of using bubble wrap instead.

However, they are frequently extremely cumbersome, and the glasses frequently do not fit within the glass dividers. If you are not utilizing dividers, then making use of this protective material is recommended.

Packing paper

You can avoid putting a dent in your finances by purchasing packing paper instead of making your own. Compared to foam cushions or bubble wrap, it has a smaller volume. After you have removed the wrapping off your glasses, you may convert them into coloring pages for your children to utilize. Ensure that you purchase packing material that does not have any printing on it.

Packing Tape

Invest in some packaging tape of good quality. Because adhesives ensure that the box’s top and bottom sections are securely fastened, you shouldn’t skimp on purchasing them. Reliable brands will stop the box from opening while the movers transport it.


If the boxes are properly labeled, the people moving them or family members will know whether or not the contents are delicate. There are stickers available for purchase that read “Fragile,” “This Side Up,” and “Handle with Care.” Some of the labels point to the appropriate location within the room for the boxes.

You can begin packing now that all of your materials are prepared. The following is a guide for packing your wine glasses to prevent them from breaking while in transit.

Assess your collection

Be sure to inspect your collection of wine glasses before packing them away. Throw away damaged glasses in the appropriate manner and sort out the ones that no longer have the same effect on you. You could give spectacles that you no longer need to members of your family or friends who would find them useful. If you get rid of some of the furniture in your new house, you’ll be able to make more room for other things.

To pack wine glasses in storage boxes

Get all of your materials ready.

Before you pack your glasses, clear the clutter from your workspace. The items should then be arranged to make them easily accessible. Make sure you have everything you need by consulting the list provided.

Establish a protective barrier

Protecting your wine glasses is essential, so they do not slide inside the box. Utilizing a protective covering and cardboard dividers is the most effective method for this task. At the bottom of the box, place either a layer of foam cushioning, bubble wrap, or packing paper. After that, position the partition so that it sits atop the foundation.

Wrap and Pack the Wine Glasses

Take out one sheet of packing paper and lay it down on the box’s surface. Place the wine glass in one of the corners of the wrapping paper, but move it away from the corner just enough so that you can fit a little piece of the wrapping paper into the bowl of the wine glass. Raise the bottom corner of the piece of packing paper, and then carefully wrap the stem in it. After that, carefully roll the wine glass to utilize the rest of the wrap. If you try to stuff too much paper into the bowl of the wine glass, you’ll end up breaking it. When you are wrapping the glass, be sure not to give it an excessive amount of twists. When you have finished wrapping, carefully insert the glass wrapped into the box.

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