What Will Moving Companies Not Move?

What Will Moving Companies Not Move For You?

Moving homes can be an exciting new chapter, yet it’s often accompanied by the stressful task of packing and transporting your belongings.

While professional moving companies can ease the burden, they are bound by laws and regulations and personal discretion, about what they can & cannot transport.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to what moving companies will not move.


Hazardous Materials

Most moving companies will refuse to transport hazardous materials due to the risks associated with potential spills, fires or even explosions.



This includes both household chemicals and industrial ones. Some common examples are nail polish remover, paint thinners and cleaning solvents.



Fireworks, ammunition or other explosive materials are also typically prohibited.


Flammable Items

Gasoline, propane, kerosene or aerosols are examples of items that are likely to be refused by movers due to their flammable nature.


Perishable Goods

Moving companies are typically not equipped to handle perishable goods, which can spoil, attract pests or create unpleasant odors.



Fresh, refrigerated or frozen foods will not be transported by most moving companies.

It’s usually recommended to consume, donate or discard these items before your move.



Many moving companies refuse to move plants. This is particularly true for interstate moves, as it’s illegal to bring certain plants across state lines due to pests & diseases they may carry.


High-Value Items

Some movers might refuse to handle items of extraordinarily high value or items that are irreplaceable due to liability reasons.


Cash, Checks & Bonds

These valuable items should always stay with you.


Important Documents

Passports, birth certificates, social security cards or any other significant personal records should be carried with you personally.


Jewelry, Antiques & Artwork

Items of significant monetary or sentimental value should ideally be moved separately, potentially through a specialized service.

Interested in moving them? You can get a free moving quote now!



While it might seem obvious, it’s worth mentioning that the professional movers will not transport pets normally. This task is best left to professionals in pet relocation or better still, the owners themselves.

You can also get special moving service for pets.


Wrapping up

While this list is not exhaustive, it provides a general idea of the kinds of items that moving companies will not handle. Be sure to inquire with your chosen moving company about any specific items you’re unsure about. Knowing these details in advance can save you potential trouble on moving day, allowing for a smoother transition to your new home.