Things To Do Before Professional Movers Arrive

Moving is an intimidating life event accompanying both excitement and fears. Moving away from your hometown is a frightening change nonetheless, moving remains necessary in order to catch up on some fun things as well as experiencing growth in life.

Calling out for professional movers while leaving for the suburbs of Chicago or outside, requires an idealistic mindset.

While entrusting your move to a professional moving company, it is wise, but planning for their arrival is utmost crucial. Where moving encompasses several significant duties; same as the movers do.Here is a guide to signify the importance of last-minute moving tasks which may slip off your mind.

Explore the guide to know what are the things you need to undertake before your movers arrive.

Last-Minute Moving Day Checklist: Things To Do Before Movers Arrive

Prior to moving, you must be readily prepared. Whereby, calling movers in Chicago for assistance demands certain protocols from your end to ensure a smooth transition despite dealing with myriad difficulties.  Below is the checklist you must consider.

●     Final Walkthrough

When heading to the final step; waiting for your professional moving company to arrive, make sure to take a round ensuring that all your belongings and necessities are safely packaged and you are surely not missing out on something.

From checking on your cabinets to electric switches, take account of everything possible, in order to ensure a peaceful move. Make sure everything is clean and tidy before you hand over the keys.

●     Re-evaluate Belongings

While moving ahead, think twice if there is something you can skip or leave. Taking clutter alongside you, can be frustrating while expanding the size of your move. Reconsider each and everything that you are carrying from documents to essentials, categorize your belongings before your Chicago movers arrive. Make sure to have a box labelled after “essentials” to have easy access once you have moved.

●     Keep Your Kids and Pets In A Safe Place If Any

The last-minute chaos is nearly unmatchable, having multiple thoughts and a chaotic mind is an extreme possibility. Pets and kids both have similar attributes; curiosity and anticipation which might cause them anxiety or injury.

When moving with kids or pets at your residence can hinder your moving process by coming along your way while your movers load or unload. Make sure to keep your kids and pets safe and secure in a confined place until it’s time for you to leave the residence.

●     Count Your Moving Boxes

Once you are done with wrapping up your house it is important to keep a track of your moving boxes. Hence, make an inventory of items that you are carrying along and also count the moving boxes that behold your belongings. It is significant in a case if something or the other gets misplaced; you can always claim your insurance, holding the movers accountable for your loss.

Keeping a track of your boxes makes it easier for you to check upon arriving your new residence. Additionally, labelling is also crucial in order to alleviate unpacking stress at your new premise.

●     Clear Pathways

In order to avoid harm to your former place or your belongings make sure to clear all corridors, pathways. Where, moving furniture or heavy boxes is a significant task there comes the hinderances or mini obstacles that can ruin your apartment as well as your belongings that are boxed up.

Ensure that you use moving blankets, remove every wall hanging or delicate thing to make sure the moving staff does not have to encounter these challenges. If this aspect is not thoroughly considered, this will either harm your valuables or your floor, walls or overall apartment.

●     Communicate to Reassure

When it’s time for your final good bye, make sure to bid farewell to your former neighbors. Certainly, the presence of movers is awaited, make sure to read your agreement thoroughly. Confirm and reassure your moving package in regard to avoid misunderstandings and surprises at the time of departure.

The best movers in Chicago are dedicated to show up on time, charging the prices listed on your agreement while fulfilling any insurances as per their promise. We at Best Price Moving, offers our clients detailed agreements with real-time estimation to avoid any mishaps at the time of payment.

●     Reserve Parking Slot

When your moving day arrives, be sure to reserve a parking slot prior to their arrival. A professional moving company is accountable to load and unload your moving boxes.

For that purpose it is your responsibility to book a parking spot in advance, that is not only near but also convenient for them to bring your stuff and load.

Apart from that, if you are moving from one apartment to another make sure you reserve the elevator too. Inform management and reserve it for specific hours of your moving day in over to eliminate inconveniences and delays.


In summary, moving is a call to gain new hope, having a meticulous plan is direly significant for that purpose. Preparing for the initial tasks of a move is crucial for ensuring its success, while attending to last-minute moving duties promotes smoothness and convenience during the process.

Make sure to check each of the tasks mentioned above prior to the arrival of your movers, to ensure a sound and smooth transition.