Things that Make Your Move Expensive

Moving is an expensive concept, but with the help of careful planning and strategic cost analysis you can move affordably. Numerous people; exploring professional assistance are unaware of certain factors that can either exceed the moving cost or cut it down accordingly.

Having said that, following a strict contract – you agreed upon – can let moving cost remain unchanged.

In order to unveil the factors that can raise your moving budget while showing up at the last moment in your bill, step forward to the things listed down below.

Things that Make Your Move Expensive

There are a myriad of factors that influence your moving expense. Choosing a trustable professional moving company in Chicago can lead you to know the specific details that accumulate, making your move expensive.

●     Staircase Surcharge; Additional Fees

The top factor that can highly effect your moving price is the count of stairs. If you are living in an apartment or a high-rise building there must be a thousands of stairs if their is no elevator or it’s not functioning in the current moment. Professional movers tend to stick by their principles and policies.

Having staircases might sound normal, but the effort it takes to load and unload your belongings make it expensive, for that reason. Being unaware, regarding this certain element can astound you once you have your bill at the end, so make sure to converse clearly – prior to booking.

●     Count of Moving Boxes; Size of Move

The size of move or the count of boxes severely impact your moving cost, making it more expensive. Whether it is boxes that scum your belongings or there are multiple furniture pieces of various sizes, it can all influence your moving cost. It is better to have a track of boxes and items that you are carrying along.

Hence, try to reduce the boxes by stuffing your belongings in the right manner in fewer boxes. If it is possible, then make sure to declutter and downsize, the more your belongings are the higher the moving price would be.

●     Packing Materials; The Purchase

The major cost that incurs additionally within your move, making it extravagant and expensive are the packing materials. Additionally, buying excessive packing materials not only contributes to environmental waste but also a financial loss to your own self.

Packing materials such as different sizes of cardboard boxes, bubble wraps, moving blankets, box inserts, crumpled paper and peanuts can all be very expensive when buying from a store.

In order to cut down on this specific expense, either try to recycle older materials or borrow it from your acquaintances.  Some best movers in Chicago offer packing supplies for free and some charge a lesser amount, this can be a great alternative.


●      Diy Moving Approach; Unemploying Professional Movers

When trying to move yourself, you can suffer great consequences, after. Hiring professional movers is the only way you can get through your moving process smoothly. Choosing a diy approach can harm you in multiple ways, where movers are clearly not your choice in order to save money, you can fall into huge traps of rental trucks.

Besides, there is a possibility of severe wreckage while these rental trucks do not offer their insurance or claim to cover your loss. Whether the trucks are responsible for damage to your belongings or you are, you will have to spend extra money to buy insurance which is less likely to apply for your move.

●     Time of the Year; Peak Season

The cost of moving your stuff at times depends on when you are doing it; the time must not be during peak season; otherwise, prices may rise significantly by then. Most often, people prefer moving during summer weekends, hence high demand for movers accompanied by escalated charges.

To save probable money for shifting, consider moving off-season or on weekdays if you can. Moreover, it is important that you plan for your move as early as possible so as not to be stuck with additional movers’ charges.

●     Employing Various Services; Cost Considering

While movers in Chicago work closely to meet your specific requirements by offering you their varied services and customized plans that too is a great convenience. However, enjoying these particular services regardless of transportation, adds up to your overall bill.

These services put you at ease while expanding your moving expenses. Whenever you desire to opt for these services such as packing, dismantling, storage, loading and unloading, beware of their charges. In regard to maintaining your budget, stick to the only services you asked, prior to hiring Chicago movers.


To conclude, moving is a challenging situation both in your pocket as well as your mental health. When looking forward to enjoying an affordable moving experience either a short-distance move or a long-distance one, make sure to analyze each and every bit that can exceed your budget.

Therefore, having an in person meet up with representatives of  professional movers can give you a clear insight about your move and its expenses.