National Moving Month: Tips from Best Price Movers

Moving business enjoys a large volume of business in the month of May due to the fact that it is recognized as National Moving Month. Whether it is a local or long distance move, moving successfully and with everything being perfectly in place, requires a lot of research and planning.

To help you cope with this rather busy period, Best Price Movers offers tips to ensure the most convenient moving process possible.

Start Planning Early

A key factor that needs to be observed in order to achieve a successful transfer is the fact that planning for the process starts well ahead of the actual transfer.

  • As soon as you know about your moving process, it is wise to start with moving checklist that aims at covering all the aspects of the relocation.
  • List all, the tasks that are needed to prepare for the relocation as well as during and after the relocation exercise.
  • Stating early on means that you can have enough time to prepare and also significantly reduces the risk of developing stress at the last moment.

Choose the right moving company

Selecting a reputable moving company is crucial in the process of moving from one home to another. Similarly, when it comes to the actual physical moving, Best Price Movers suggests that potential clients should research as much as possible and compare between the different providers.

Look for those who have left a positive impression, have the necessary licenses, as well as insurance. Do not hesitate to consult your friends and relatives for consultation or for advice regarding this matter.

Declutter Your Home

Cleaning is one of the opportunities that come with moving, especially if it involves decluttering your house. Think critically for each of the given space and identify on which items are nonessential or unused.

Donate or sell any items that do not meet the above criteria on the prescribed form or discard them. This not only minimizes the amount of items that have to be moved but also provides more control in the packing process. Removing the extra load also saves the trouble of having to pay for the costs of moving your stuff around.

Gather Packing Supplies

Before commencing the packaging process, gather all the necessary material that will be used in packing. In stock, we have containers of various sizes, adhesive to seal them, protective material, the paper to wrap the items, and writing tools.

Organizing your work area to contain all your necessary materials can also increase the effectiveness of the packaging process. We use The Best Price Movers’ packagings to ensure maximum protection of your valuables during the moving process.

Pack Strategically

When planning for packing, it’s always helpful to have a structure where you can easily sort all the things you need to pack, because packing is usually a very cumbersome task.

Preliminary steps that can be taken to develop self-storage solutions include proactively arranging items that are nonessential and will not be needed within the near future.

Label each box with a brief description of the items inside and the room to which they should be delivered. Ensure fragile items are wrapped using the bubble wrap and packing paper to avoid any possible damages, consider not filling boxes to their capacity.

Prepare Your Appliances and Electronics

for appliances and gadgets, be sure to allocate enough time to properly prepare them for the move. Closely wrap and package any wire(s) as well as other cables by detaching them but in a safe manner.

To protect fragile electrical appliances, there is always the option of using the original packing if available; otherwise, there are packing materials designed for such purposes.

Protect Valuables

Small items such as jewelry, important papers, and small electronic accessories need extra care. Make sure that these items are packed in individual packages and are in your custody in the course of moving from one house to the other.

Stay Organized on Moving Day

Though moving may be stressful, standard procedures help in reducing the level of stress one undergoes. To make things easier, ensure that you have your moving checklist with you at all times and you should refer to it sever all times within a day. Ensure all the boxes are labeled and set a room for items that are not to be transported in the moving truck.

Unpack methodically

On arrival at the new residence, unpacking should be done systematically. Try to start with the basic products and systematically go through each section.

The idea of establishing the order to put the items is useful in increasing order and to avoid working under pressure when organizing the items.

Ensure that you spend sufficient quality time to set your new home the way you want it and avoid hurrying up the process.


National Moving Month therefore is a busy and colourful period for the moving industry. Choosing the right moving company, efficient packing and organization, staying on schedule, and other tips will help to turn the moving process into a smooth adventure.

Contact Best Price Movers for top-notch moving solutions that can be customized to suit your unique needs, ensuring that your transition is as smooth as possible. Happy moving!