How To Pack and Protect Your Books During a Move

Books are priceless and deserve to be treasured and protected carefully. When relocating we often neglect their security which in turn ruins the paperbacks or tears away pages and is overall detrimental to their bookshelf life. Packing Books can be back-breaking if not done the right way.

Assistance of reliable movers make your process much smoother as they have a proper know how and expertise in handling your precious goods.

Hence we will explore ways to ease out the process and protect the Books dutifully all along!


Tips for Packing and Protecting Your Books During a Move

1.   Start planning everything early

This is the primary step towards simplifying the process. As soon as your move is confirmed, start off by planning the complex parts of your move, one of them being packing  books.

Sort them out according to their current status, donate the ones you no longer need and keep the ones you value. You can hire professional moving companies who are qualified enough to do the job neatly. In the hassle of things it will be easier to keep a peace of mind and remain stress free, saving you last minute runs.


2.   Sort your books according to size

This is a crucial part of the book packing process. Just heaping the books over one another without considering their difference in appearance can cause harm to their spines or pages. Packing of hardcover editions usually requires more attention to detail since they have a sturdy build and need proper handling.

Place them standing upright with their spines against the walls of the box as if placing them on the shelf, or better wrap them in brown paper for enhanced protection. Thin paper backs can be stacked together while thick ones can be placed paper edges facing up and spines first. This will prevent maximum damage to any books of sentimental value.


3.   Gather essential packing supplies

After planning early, gathering the essentials should be the next move. Put together the resources already present at home and purchase from the market for more advanced ones if needed.

Often valuable or old books require more protection such as bubble wrap or foam chips to line the boxes, while stiff cardboard between them is necessary to ensure these books receive maximum security, preventing damage.

As a pro-tip to save money you can resort to basic household supplies such as towels and linens to keep them safe. Cardboard Boxes can be easily bought from the market and require Minimum hassle.


4.   Opt for Professional Movers

During a move, professional movers are essential to guaranteeing your books are transported safely. With their knowledge and specific tools, they can handle and pack your books with care to avoid damage.

They carefully pack books in strong boxes using premium materials and methods to shield them. Expert movers can also offer special solutions for delicate or rare books, and their inventory control systems guarantee that every book is moved and accounted for.

You can feel secure knowing that your books are in capable hands and will reach their new location undamaged if you opt for expert movers.


5.   Use Sturdy boxes for utmost protection

Lightweight and weak cardboard boxes are often unable to support the heavy weight of the books and may end up falling or breaking away. It is necessary to opt for sturdy and durable boxes which not only safeguard the books but maintain that security throughout the move.

As a reliable moving company we understand the intricacies and offer exemplary moving solutions that are bound to keep your belongings safe and sound without damage.

6.  Label and Seal your boxes

This is an important yet a very neglected step. Labelling your boxes is essential to easily unpack and shelve the books accordingly, not doing so can prove to be confusing and unorganised adding on to your lengthy list of tasks.

Label sides of the box instead of the top as the boxes are stacked one upon the other and can make it difficult to sort during unpacking.


7.   Load the boxes carefully

Make sure boxes are secure but also ensure they aren’t mishandled during loading. This can potentially result in unwanted damage to the books despite the cardboard being durable and books well protected. Load the boxes carefully and ensure a safe and secure transit.

Why are Small boxes more convenient?

Sturdy but small boxes are not only easier to handle but can also accommodate the books according to their diverse features. It will cut down on extra costs and make it easier for the movers to transport the boxes respectively.

You won’t have to face the hassle of filling in spaces to avoid the books from moving and taking extra measures to keep them firm which is the case when packing in large boxes.



To sum up, these are some essential tips to remember when relocating since it ‘s already a stressful process. Professional movers in Chicago offer exceptional services to simplify the moving process and incorporate your wishes during packing hence your move will be worth the money.